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Successfully bridging technology, telecommunications and innovation around the world.

US International Development Consortium Inc. (USIDC) offers complete solutions to help our customers solve their challenging and complex projects. We offer world-class engineering, installation and program management services. We bring these disciplines together quickly and comprehensively to deliver the solutions that fulfill our customer’s requirements.

USIDC Company Information

Established in 2005


Registered US Small Business




US Government Prime Contract Holder


Subcontractor to Prime Contractors on multiple Federal and DoD Contract Vehicles


Partnerships with Local Suppliers and Subcontractors in Europe, Middle East/SWA and Asia Pacific


What We Do

USIDC offers a complete solution to help our customers solve their challenging and complex infrastructure support problems. We offer world-class information technology and communication services. These solutions address complex requirements for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I), Life Safety, Electrical, Mechanical, Construction, and Electronic Security Systems projects – often in some of the most challenging environments around the world.

Communication Services

Complex infrastructure projects require proficiency in communications to ensure project delivery. USIDC understands how important effective communications systems are to our customers and has developed a wide range of expertise in many service areas to complement its expertise in information technology.

USIDC has developed rich inside plant wiring (ISP) and outside plant wiring (OSP) expertise to provide secure and reliable communications theater-wide.

USIDC telecommunications experience spans the entire spectrum of communications including development, implementation, and operations. USIDC expertise includes switch experience, PBX installation and design, fiber optic installation and design, copper installation and design, microwave (Alcatel-Lucent, Motorola, others), and GSM BTS site installation and design.


Customers look to USIDC to quickly, smartly and effectively build out their information technology infrastructure at locations around the globe, often in challenging environments. For example, we built a complete command center in a war-zone in less than 60 days.This effort included infrastructure management services, network devices, personal computers, servers, and security. In our IT projects, we often design, engineer, install, and provide training for the solutions we build.

In many cases, we are tasked to build a communications solution that ties in people across many miles. To support this requirement, we have vast expertise in voice and video solutions, remote access, and information assurance to help customers get the information they need when the rest of the team may be thousands of miles away.

USIDC engineers have certifications from many of the leading information technology suppliers, including Microsoft, Leviton, REDCOM, Nortel, Tandberg and Cisco.

Project Management

USIDC has mature and proven project management capabilities and has delivered successful projects in some of the most adverse conditions around the world as well as complex multi-disciplinary projects. USIDC’s project management platform is based upon the principles of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). All of USIDC Project Managers are certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) through the Project Management Institute (PMI).


USIDC’s civil engineering capabilities are critically important to prepare the infrastructure for our complex information technology installations and to ensure certified connectivity. We ensure that the work we do meets US standards, from an engineering perspective. Some of our civil engineering capabilities include site grounding, power system testing, digging trenches, pouring concrete, shelter installation, base station and antenna system installation. For example, when building the telecommunication infrastructure at a major Air Force base in the Middle East, we had numerous challenges to meet to ready the base. Trenches, manhole inducting systems, hand holes, ducts systems, and foundations were required to prepare the infrastructure.

Staff Augmentation

Extensive experience in recruiting qualified resources for Staff Augmentation Requirements.

Established pool of professionals including Project managers, Engineers, IT/Telecom Technicians, Life Safety Technicians, Security Systems Technicians, Electricians, Mechanical / HVAC Technicians, Carpenters, Certified Construction Surveillance Technicians (CST), and Cleared American Guards(CAGs).

Relationships with multiple recruiting firms & other sources.

Responsive to specific training, certifications and clearances requirements.

Non-employee Worker (NEW) relationships.


We Lead the Industry in Qualified Certifications

Our quality staff holds numerous industry qualifications and certifications to include some of the following:

• Project Management Professional (PMP)

• Prince II Project Management

• Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD)

• Building Industry Consulting Service International (BCSI)

• Cisco Certs, MCDST, MCP, Etc.

• Professional Engineer (PE)

• National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET)

• CompTIA Security +

• FOA Trained Technicians – Fiber Optic of America

• Belden – Fiber, Copper and Wireless Integration

• Ber-Tek – Copper and Fiber Certified

• Corning – Copper, Fiber install

• Master and Journeyman Electricians

• And others


Explore the Global Reach of Wealth of Project Development

USIDC has successfully implemented projects in Afghanistan, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Qatar, Romania, Poland, New Zealand, Guam, Canada, Germany, Turkey, Kenya, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.



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