Corporate Overview

Who We Are: Why Team with USIDC



Our customers typically have urgent and complex problems to solve and they turn to USIDC to complete projects successfully. We understand the challenges on the ground and have the ability react very quickly to fulfill information technology, telecommunications, and related civil construction contract requirements.

USIDC is an exceptional technology company that works with customers to develop and implement important and worthwhile infrastructure strategies to solve big challenges. We provide these services with an uncompromising commitment to integrity, honesty, fairness, and safety. Some of the benefits of working with USIDC include:

  • Experience and familiarity with the local environment, language, population and customs
  • Mitigation of security issues/concerns
  • Project management expertise
  • Accountability
  • Cost savings through rapid mobilization
  • Employment and engagement of experts from indigenous population
  • Small business with a strong staff with numerous technology certifications

Many of our projects have incredibly quick deadlines with no room for error. We regularly operate at the ground level, often in adverse conditions. We know how to team and work with the local population to meet our customer’s high standards and to accomplish the mission quickly.

USIDC has an extensive network of businesses partners in the Middle East and around the globe which allows us to offer a wide range of services to government and commercial clients. Our experience and familiarity with the environment enables more accurate price forecasts, schedule completion forecasts, and lower costs. Our teams frequently consist of experts from the indigenous population who possess experience, existing relationships, and successes with the local communities. This combination of unique experiences and capabilities optimizes productivity and performance while minimizing risk.

We have decades of Federal contracting expertise including project management, materials and supply chain management, on-site management, and operations maintenance. USIDC project managers also have decades of expertise delivering projects on time, within budget, and safely.