Corporate Overview

Who We Are: USIDC Values


USIDC is very committed to our customer’s mission. Because many of our staff are members are ex-military we understand and live by certain values including integrity and reliability. We continuously strive for excellence in all of our projects. We provide our services with an uncompromising commitment to honesty, fairness, and safety. Our partners count on us for accountability, quality, reliability, and value.

USIDC is a trusted partner for large prime contractors and government agencies that are tasked with, among other things, rebuilding projects in challenging environments, such as in Iraq and Afghanistan. USIDC delivers full accountability for projects in combat zones through our expertise with in-country management by experienced professionals.

Constant communication and regular reporting are hallmarks of our operations. USIDC communicates and reports on a frequent and regular basis to clients and teaming partners. We also understand that communication is critical, especially when many of our points of contact are located thousands of miles away from where the actual project work may be executed.