USIDC has completed a wide range of critical infrastructure projects for the US Government and commercial entities around the world. Many of our projects are critical to the US mission of helping countries rebuild and progress toward a strong and successful future as well as achieve a higher quality of life the population. Throughout our projects, USIDC deploys the highest quality information technology and telecommunications expertise.

Exemplary Project Management Capabilities

USIDC has strong project management capabilities and has delivered successful projects in some of the most adverse conditions around the world. Throughout our projects, we have identified tasks and interdependencies according to a very rigorous and structured methodology. Our project management skills include:

  • Forecasting, scheduling, and resource management.
  • Functional, performance and system acceptance test.
  • Project cost management.
  • Documentation, training and related deliverables.
  • System Engineering and Integration.
  • Procurement management.
  • Quality assurance planning and implementation.

Many of projects are completed in adverse conditions including, combat zones, locations with political instability, difficult terrain, and extreme weather conditions. However, our expertise allows us to help our customer succeed in achieving their mission in any condition.

Some of our project successes include the following:

Microwave connectivity between US Forces-Iraq bases in Iraq

This project included designing, installing and integrating new microwave systems between major operating bases for US Forces to extend line-of-sight command and control systems in order to reduce high-cost satellite systems usage.  We installed both radio systems and microwave antenna dishes on established radio towers at these bases that greatly simplified command and control communications during Operation Iraqi Freedom

Fiber optic connectivity between Iraqi Army and Air Force bases in Iraq.

The project included designing, engineering, installing, and training for a new telecommunications system to connect the command at four major military bases in Iraq. The work included establishing WAN connectivity between air bases and BAN connectivity at the air bases. USIDC also established Harris HF, VHF and UHF radio, Cisco VoIP phone, WAVE RoIP and ISR capabilities on site. We developed and implemented inside plant wiring (ISP) and outside plant wiring (OSP) solutions to bring the project to completion on time.

Communications infrastructure at a new base of operations in Afghanistan

USIDC connected NATO FOBs across the theater and built a functional facility, including two communications rooms in less than 60 days. The installation included 500+ workstation locations, each with nine different US and NATO networks available. Over four million feet of copper and fiber were pulled, terminated and tested. USIDC built a 50+ man team in less than two weeks and worked 24/7 to complete the task.

Built network infrastructure to support a new prison facility on overseas US base

USIDC installed the network infrastructure for a new prison facility on a US military base in a war zone.  USIDC developed the plan, installed Cisco network equipment and all of the backup power for facility. USIDC implemented the civil engineering requirements, such as outside plant conduit, manhole installation and OSP Copper and Fiber Optic Cabling. USIDC also installed 65,000 square feet of raised tile floor in two buildings in one week.

Examples of other Successful Projects Completed in Challenging Environments

  • Construction, installation, commissioning, operations, and maintenance of Microwave Communication Systems.
  • Tower Erection and BTS Site deployment.