Markets We Serve

Corporate Overview

US International Development Consortium (USIDC) helps government agencies, large prime contractors and other customers solve complex information technology (IT) and telecommunications infrastructure challenges, often in some of the most challenging environments around the world. The services we provide support the United States military and non-military missions worldwide.

The USIDC focus on supporting US military and non-military missions requires that we deliver superb results where other firms cannot. USIDC has successfully completed many projects in countries where security, weather, political instability and cultural differences complicate the mission.

Beyond our comprehensive IT and telecommunications know-how, it’s our ability to achieve success regardless of the circumstances that enhances our reputation. We understand local cultures and respect the traditions while maintaining and integrating US know-how and professionalism.

Our rich understanding of IT and telecommunications allow us to complete missions under extreme time pressures and schedules. Additionally our comprehensive civil engineering and construction capabilities allow us to build out the complete solution for our customers. This end-to-end capability is part of what sets us apart.

Our customers trust us for our knowledge, accountability, and in getting things done. They also appreciate our “on-the-ground” resources, ability to work with local populations, and commitment to excellence in knowing that the project will go as planned.