What We Do: Information Technology


Customers look to USIDC to quickly, smartly and effectively build out their information technology infrastructure at locations around the globe, often in challenging environments. For example, we built a complete command center in a war-zone in less than 60 days.  This effort included infrastructure management services, network devices, personal computers, servers, and security. In our IT projects, we often design, engineer, install, and provide training for the solutions we build.

In many cases, we are tasked to build a communications solution that ties in people across many miles. To support this requirement, we have vast expertise in voice and video solutions, remote access, and information assurance to help customers get the information they need when the rest of the team may be thousands of miles away.

USIDC engineers have certifications from many of the leading information technology suppliers, including Microsoft, Leviton, REDCOM, Nortel, Tandberg and Cisco.

Our IT Solutions include:

  • ISP and OSP Engineering and Installation Services
  • Network system testing, documentation, and troubleshooting
  • PBX installation and design
  • Computer network design and installation
  • Hardware installation
  • Security implementation
  • VOIP, WANs, and VPNs
  • TCP/IP networks
  • Cisco networking/products
  • VTC and Video Wall
  • OS Support
  • Applications training
  • Application development
  • Media services