Information Technology

What We Do: Civil Engineering


USIDC’s civil engineering capabilities are critically important to prepare the infrastructure for our complex information technology installations and to ensure certified connectivity. We ensure that the work we do meets US standards, from an engineering perspective.  Some of our civil engineering capabilities include site grounding, power system testing, digging trenches, pouring concrete, shelter installation, base station and antenna system installation.

For example, when building the telecommunications infrastructure at a major Air Force base in the Middle East, we had numerous challenges to meet to ready the base.  Trenches, manhole inducting systems, handholes, ducts systems, and foundations were required to prepare the infrastructure.

Our civil engineering capabilities are needed to prepare for the construction of the following:

  • Switch experience (Cisco, Orion)
  • ISP and OSP Engineering and Installation Services
  • Network system testing, documentation, and troubleshooting
  • PBX installation and design (REDCOM, Nortel)
  • Copper and Fiber Optic installation and design
  • Microwave and Military radio tower erection
  • Voice and Video (Cisco Call Manager, Twisted Pair WAVE, Tandberg VTC)
  • Microwave (Alcatel-Lucent, Motorola, others)
  • GSM BTS site installation and design
  • VOIP, WANs, and VPNs